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Highly ambitious goal oriented fast learning musically expressive type A perfectionists and focal dy

I’m not so sure if I am the character above in actuality, but I do not second guess that it is my personality type, as with a lot of other musicians with focal dystonia that I know around me.

I don’t see this personality trait as good nor bad … as there always seems to be benefits and drawbacks to everything to balance out the equation. Talking to myself as I look at my very biased assessment of those personality traits below, I think the benefits made me become a disciplined musician, and the drawbacks lead me to having focal dystonia and recognising the balance between the two have made me overcome focal dystonia.

Benefit of being HIGHLY AMBITIOUS Can summon great amount of energy to achieve something much larger than the present condition.

Drawback of being HIGHLY AMBITIOUS Lack of energy to audit and being aware of the present situation and condition.

Benefit of being GOAL ORIENTED Setting goals and having the discipline and self motivation to achieve them no doubly bring success closer to you.

Drawback of being GOAL ORIENTED When the sole purpose is setting and achieving goals because you feel like ‘success’ is only there when you achieve them, there is a tendency to ignore the process of achieving goals which is the heart of life.

Benefit of being a FAST LEARNER Can process a lot of information really fast and can learn movements really fast, which will allow you to learn a lot of music very fast. This is a great skill to have, especially if you are in a situation to perform a lot.

Drawback of being a FAST LEARNER Under real or perceived time constraint, there is a tendency to skip organic sensory processing such as sensing every bit of difference in position, pressure, speed, touch and contact, vision and sound, which might not be solidified in our memory which causes stress to mind/body especially during performance.

Benefits of being MUSICALLY EXPRESSIVE To be able to communicate with the listeners at the deepest level. Being able to be in touch with inner most artist within you. Experiencing the magical moment where there is no line between you and your instrument.

Drawback of being MUSICALLY EXPRESSIVE While being in tune with music itself, there is a tendency to forget that the body and it's movement are actually the medium channel to make music in that moment. It is a magical moment during performance, but will result in physical unawareness if it becomes habitual during practice sessions.

Benefits of being a PERFECTIONIST Allows you to deliver high level of art and standards to immediate and extended members or our community. It also give you a high sense of achievement, which you are addicted to as a

perfectionist. It may also draw respect from people around you.

Drawbacks of being a PERFECTIONIST When awareness of the different shades of achievement are lost in the pursuit of perfecting the only way, when perceived standard is not met the perfectionist’s self confidence crashes. Therefore the perfectionist keeps on striving high standards even when there are a lot of physical, mental and emotional strain.

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