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Finding strength by reviewing natural structure and function of the hand

A guitarist is having problem with his right hand middle finger curling in and his index finger sticking out. This short video answers his question on how I would approach the index finger and explains how to use the force of compensatory movement into a healthier movement to start balancing out the dynamic of the hand, all from reviewing the natural structure and function of hands and fingers.

It is a rather pianistic approach but the idea could be applied to other instruments.

I talk about..

* Finding the natural shape of the hand by putting wrist and 5 finger tips on the table top or any flat surface * Pivoting finger movement from MP joint * How to feel your whole hand engaged while moving one finger * Importance of wrist positioning * Broken wrist syndrome and it's effect on finger mobility and muscle usage * The importance of choosing natural position that feels awkward over un-natural position that poses less dystonic sensation * What to do with that pointy index finger

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