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My student surprised me with his art the other day.

"Look what I did over the weekend!"

He shows me photos of his artwork over our internet session.

Photos showed rocks beautifully piled on top of each other in nature.

"What is this? This is so beautiful!"

"It's called rock balancing. I knew you'll like it, you kind of need the same mindset and awareness as retraining when you're piling those rocks on top of each other."

This local gentleman came to me a few months ago to work on his writers' cramp. He had always balanced rocks as it helps him manage his state of mind and being in flow.

"How do you do this? How is this even possible?" I asked in awe.

"Well, you really need to feel each rock, especially when you're setting one over the other. You have to feel it slightly tipping towards any direction with your whole body... and when you're trying too hard to control and you're not letting certain parts of your body move because you're tense, you can't feel the rock and you won't find the balance. It never works when you're feeling rushed, when you're feeling any bit frustrated, or when you're trying so hard to control those rocks with your hands and our hands only."

He went on as he saw me being all ears.

"I'm using my whole body to feel those rocks to place them over the balance point. I also have an objective view of my whole body when I am immersed in nature. I can feel the ever expansive nature observing me, and feel that I can be that grand observer too."

"Wow!! So now I assume that piling those rocks is an essential part of your retraining. I never knew that balancing rocks over each other would teach us so much"

"I told you you'll like it!".

(Real photos taken by my student)

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