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Finger Problems are Rarely Problems of the Fingers

In this video, I talk about the importance of aligning the body to a natural position when retraining.

The misalignment of the hand to the forearm among pianists (or any instrumentalists ) can end up being quite a big problem.

As much as we pianists give attention to our fingers when problem arises,

giving more attention to the fingers rarely solve problems.

Our fingers and especially our fingertips have the most heightened amount of senses so we are naturally more aware of the fingers, but finger movements are results of actives and different structural changes of the bone, tendons and muscles of the hand and the forearm.

And get this! There are no muscles in our fingers.

So when we try to ‘fix’ the problem that we see in our fingers by only trying undo the problem within the concept fixing our fingers, we are not addressing the core problem of the movement which originates in how we use the hand or the whole arm or possibly the whole body.

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